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Mystery shrouds over IIT-M student suicide

Written by Super User   |   Posted: 11/04/2013 11:48 AM IST

What made the 18-year old Indian Institute of Technology-Madras student commit suicide, seems to be a mysterious question, as the campus turned gloomy over the incident on Friday.

Around 10.15 pm on Oct 31, the authorities of IIT-M, broke open a room in the Pampa hostel after complaints from the students. They found the victim, Akshay Kumar Meena, hanging from the ceiling fan, dead.

Akshay Kumar joined IIT-Madras campus in July 2013 and hails from Kota, Rajasthan. He was good at academics and was always in high spirits, recall his classmates from the first year of Chemical Engineering branch.

With no suicide note left behind, and the victim's father who spoke last at 8.30pm over phone, claiming that his son was quite normal as always, the issue seems mysterious.

That evening, Akshay went with his friends to watch a film but left the venue at 8.30 pm even before the film started. The friends who came back after the film at 10.15 pm went to see him and found the door locked from inside. After much trying, they used a chair to peep through the window above the door only to see the ghastly incident. Immediately the campus authority sprung into action.

The reasons of the suicide remain an unsolved mystery as of now. However this is the third suicide on the campus in the last two years. On its part the prestigious institute has been trying to sensitise the suicide issues by various initiatives like education, social life and relationships through a guidance facility MITR (Mentoring and Individual Transformation).


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