Oct 01 - Nov 01


Does your arrogance work for you or against you on October 1 and October 2, Leo? Judge for yourself and go by the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You’re concerned with your reputation and how you appear to others on October 7, October 8, and October 9 - perhaps a little too much so. There’s nothing wrong with checking your social media accounts from time to time, but doing it obsessively might indicate a problem. You experience complete joy on October 14 and October 15, and you may be surprised that the simplest things in life really do give you the most pleasure. That knowledge won’t stop you from being your typical over-the-top self, but at least you know deep down that you don’t have to put on a show all the time. Your investigative skills come in handy on October 21 and October 22, because there might be a mystery that only you can solve. Delving deep into a shadowy realm is scary and exciting at the same time. You have some very rational, sound reasons for your actions on October 28 and October 29, but a friend isn’t hearing what you have to say. You can’t please everyone.

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