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Care for your pet

Written by Super User   |   Posted: 01/08/2014 07:41 PM IST

Who doesn't like pets - but loving them is one thing and keeping them at home is quite another. Pets, like human, demand affection and attention as well as training and exercise. If you don't train your pets well, they are likely to get annoying and ill-behaved. Here is what you can do to minimize your pet worries.

Remember, your pet needs a good deal of exercise everyday to get rid of his excessive energy. Whenever you take him out to litter, allow him to run and have fun. "This is the only way to release his excessive energy which if not released could make him irritable. It amounts to building stress which will be exhibited through excessive barking and unwanted pouncing," says Delhi-based senior veterinarian, Dr James Rappai.  
Never raise voice

Never raise your voice on your pet. Make him comply to your commands by saying like you mean it rather than barking orders. "Be careful about the commands and the words you use. Don't confuse them. If you use the command 'Sit' to make him sit, do not use 'Heel' instead," says Chennai based dog trainer J Rangarajan.
Pay attention

Some pets need more attention than others. They will bark every time they are hungry, happy or playful. Don't snub them. Says Pet groomer Geetika Nigam, "This habit must be modified simply by not providing positive reinforcement when he is barking for no reason."
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