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Never let your Best Friend go

Written by Super User   |   Posted: 03/04/2014 05:56 PM IST

We all have common friends but the Best one remains only one. So what would you do if you had fight with your best friend. The only thing should be in our mind is never ever let go him/her and here are five steps to make up with them.

Talk: No matter it was your mistake, talk to them without any hesitation.

Listen: After you are done with your part then listen to them what are they feeling right now.

Apologise: If the mistake is on your side apologise keeping aside your ego. This would bring a smile on both the faces.

Involve another friend: Don't go head to head with your best friend to solve issues. Involve a mutual friend so that he/she will have idea or a solution to compromise things.

Give Time: After the discussion, give them ample of time to settle down. Don't carry the spat and get disturbed. Giving a day or two time will refresh them as well as you.

(AW: Vamshi)

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