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Car that can travel 1000 kmpl

Written by Super User   |   Posted: 04/04/2013 04:20 PM IST

Students in UAE from an engineering college have devised what would be the most respected invention for this decade or even the century. A lightweight car that they have made is capable of doing almost 1000km with just one liter of fuel.

Eco Dubai 1, the name of the lightweight car, is already in the final stages of construction. Testing is expected to being soon in less than two weeks.  Higher Colleges of Technology Dubai Men's College students have joined their hands to device this car that is half meter wide, two meters long and half a meter high while it ultimately weighs only 25 Kgs.

Several other cars from all over the world will join this model in a race along with four other similar cars in UAE. The students aimed to conserve the non-renewable source of energy petrol. They intend to develop the eco-car industry by extremely fuel efficient cars.
The final test for their car is the Shell Eco Marathon in the first week of July that would be held in Kuala Lumpur where several cars will be tested based on the mileage they yield for a liter of fuel. The current record is with France's Polytech Nantes University whose vehicle went over 4,900 km.

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